Sometähti’s Sinkuelämää series caused a flood of dating requests for radio host Esko Eerikäinen.

    In Sometähtie’s Sinkuelämää series, four well-known celebrities opened their doors about what happens in their private lives. MTV3

    In MTV3’s new series Sometähtie’s single life, Niko Saarinen, Sini Sabotage, Henny Harjusola mixed Esko Eerikäinen life. Each of them opened up their private lives to the viewers, how difficult it can sometimes be for a public figure in the dating world.

    All episodes of the series can already be seen, so Iltalehti decided to make a call to see if there has been a change in the love life of the stars after the end of the show.

    Niko Saarinen, who has participated in many TV shows, laughs when he hears the question.

    – Well, there were a few bulls that summer, but they didn’t make it all the way to the barn. We’re single, there’s always that little adjustment, he answers.

    He has also watched the series in retrospect with a view to teaching, if he could learn something about himself.

    – If you don’t love yourself, no one can love you. In retrospect, it has been interesting to follow those events and missed opportunities.

    Niko Saarinen is currently single. However, there are adjustments on the love front. Joona Rissanen

    On social media, the man’s private messages have been flooded with date requests. Niko says he has learned to spot potential candidates.

    – I trust my intuition that the person wants to see me as a real person and not because I’m a celebrity. If a person says that they have never had sex with a celebrity, that they should see it, then I say yes.

    – There are a few men who have said that when the series is over, he can take me on a date. People think I get an awful lot of date invitations, but I don’t get an awful lot of them.

    Single proof

    Radio host Esko Eerikäinen considered several times whether he would talk about his private life to TV viewers.

    – Quite often people wonder why I don’t have a girlfriend. It (singleness) is wondered at and horrified.

    – After receiving such comments for a long time, now I decided to show why we are in this situation. There are many factors involved, Eerikäinen states.

    The series was filmed last summer, which was quite busy for Eerikäinen. According to the man, dating and long working days were a challenging equation.

    – This rush is completely self-inflicted. If there was a person, I would of course make room for him, the radio host states.

    Esko Eerikäinen has noticed that being in a hurry hinders finding love. MTV3

    Esko has received coffee invitations from both women and men, for which he has been very flattered. There are also other single parents who struggle with similar thoughts.

    Although Esko says he is taken by the messages he receives, he has not gone on a date. A single man doesn’t want to chat on the internet with a weekly chat in the future, but calls for genuine encounters.

    – Dating apps are ok, but it’s nice to talk to people face to face. When you see a person on the terrace or in a cafe, you immediately feel if there is chemistry or if you can leave it at that.

    Esko’s life also includes his daughter Victoria, who means a lot to him. MTV3

    After the divorce

    Singer Sini Sabotage has previously been very careful about her private life. A breakup from a long-term relationship that happened a couple of years ago made the singer think about her life from new perspectives.

    – I wanted to challenge myself so that I would dare to be more open about my love life. Now that time has passed since this breakup, it was possible to open it in your own words and style, Sabotage reflects.

    Sini Sabotage is a well-known musician whose hits include the song Levikset ripee. MTV3

    The television series has also brought excitement to the dating market, but so far Sabotage has not responded to coffee invitations. The most important thing for him is to get to know the person first and then see if the relationship develops deeper.

    – I need to know at least a little about the person in advance. Of course, it’s wonderful that people are encouraged to ask out.

    Have you dared to ask someone out yourself?

    – I have to admit that I have been so busy at work that I haven’t had time to think about the whole thing. Maybe the one you love comes along without asking, Sabotage, who leads a single life, throws.

    Sini made a dating announcement in the series, but deleted it almost immediately. MTV3

    One request

    Unlike other social media stars, Henny Harjusola has received exactly one date request after the program.

    – Many may think that I would have received millions of date requests, but that has not happened. I haven’t been on a date since the show.

    Does it hurt?

    – Definitely not. I didn’t think I’d get them anyway.

    Henny Harjusola only received one date request, which he never responded to. MTV3

    With the filming, it became even more clear to Harjusola what kind of partner he would like in the future.

    – I myself am entrepreneurial and career-oriented, I would hope that my partner also has this kind of passion for his work. I am attracted more by personality than just by the fact that a person is good-looking.

    Henny Harjusola’s relationship with Mr. Holland was featured in the TV series. MTV3

    Interest in the TV series was aroused by Harjusola and “Mr. Holland” relationship. The two are still in contact with each other.

    – Is he in the pictures. We are good friends and will remain so. I have met him after the program, Harjusola reveals.

    Sometähti’s Sinkuelämä can be watched on MTV Katsomo. See program information on Telku.