TO 63 years old Emma Thompson she is amazing at the London première with the silver pixie in perfect pendant with the denim jacket. A look at the opposite of her character in the film Matilda – The Musical.

    Emma Thompson’s new hair look at the Matilda premiere

    For the British it is a real one national treasure, an immensely talented actress with an endless career, but also a splendid absolute symbol of female emancipation and self-sufficiency. After the nude scene at 62 in the film My pleasurethe British star returns to the spotlight with Matilda – The Musical.

    It is the transposition of the novel by Roal Dahlcoming up Netflix in December 2022 and premiered in London on 21 November.

    London, 21 November 2022. The actress at the premiere of “Matilda The Musical”. (Getty photo)

    Beautiful and irreverent as usualthe protagonist of Howard House she showed up on the red carpet in sneakers and an oversized denim jacket as the trends dictate, showing off a new hair look light years away from what he wears in his latest film.

    The character of Emma Thompson in Matilda

    In Matildain the role of Miss Agatha, the star is almost unrecognizable. Partly thanks to her facial prosthetics and stage makeup that redesigns the pigmentation and imperfections of the skin.

    The English actress in the film Matilda The Musical. (IPA photo)

    The look is made even more martial and spartan by the simple hairstyle and no frills. One high bun without bangs, very tight like the muscles of the severe mouth.

    “The Pleasure Is All Mine,” the trailer for the sex positivity comedy starring Emma Thompson

    Tousled pixie in two-tone tint

    To contrast her character’s image as much as possible, the star changed her hair completely and arrived at the premiere with one of her hairstyle favorite: the cut pixie. Having fun experimenting with a new version of punk flavor but with romantic undertones.

    Shorter and in silver tint in the back, the cut evolves on the front into a voluminous tuft definitely clearer. The hair color variegated tastes like home dye (but it’s not) and gives it a vague allure punksweetened come on ringlets rebellious and fluttering on the forehead and with orange-red lipstick. An energetic and volcanic shade exactly like her.