THE2022 has certainly been a black year for star couples: many famous loves have come to an end and marriages that we thought would be eternal are over. But other relationships are springing up. The latest is the one between Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson (Kim Kardashian’s ex). The two would fit they have been dating for a couple of months and they seem to like each other a lot. To the point of already suggesting a new love story in the star system.

    Emily Ratajkowski comes out as bisexual.  And the gossip about the story with Brad Pitt continues

    Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson: is it love?

    To launch the news of the new alleged star couple was U.S. Weekly. “Pete and Emily have been dating for a couple of months,” a source told the paper. Adding: «They are in the very early stages of the relationship but they both really like each other».

    The insider also explained that the two met thanks to some mutual friends and that both she and he were impressed by each other. «Pete makes Emily laugh and loves her intelligence» confirmed the source. Therefore, there would seem to be all the basis for the birth of a great love.

    The first photos together

    And after the news of U.S. Weekly, Page Six, authoritative gossip page of the New York Post, published the first couple photos. Here they are during an appointment on the occasion of the comedian’s birthday who, on November 16, blew out 29 candles. L

    The model showed up with a gift in her hand and, the warm embrace between the two could be the confirmation of the gossip: something is being born between them.

    She is ready to move on

    If the news about flirting with the former star of Saturday Night Live has not yet been confirmed, one thing is certain: Emily Ratajkowski is ready to move on. In fact, only a few months ago the top separated from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, married in secret in 2018. A marriage that lasted four years and from which a son was born, Sylvester. Then goodbye, apparently for a betrayal of him.

    Recently, rumors have been circulating about a alleged flirtation between the catwalk star and Brad Pitt. The Hollywood star, however, has been immortalized in recent days with Ines de Ramon, ex-wife of actor Paul Wesley, star of The Vampire Diaries.

    The supermodel, however, star dated Pete Davidson. And, apparently, he would be the man with whom she wants to write a new page of her love life.

    The Famous Loves of Pete Davidson

    Call him playboy too. Because Pete Davidson, despite his young age, already has a rich collection of famous and beautiful women who have been at his side. Emily Ratajkowski, in fact, is only the latest in a long list.

    before her, Kim Kardashian was the comedian’s partner. The two presented together at the Met Gala and also sported the same look as a couple, focusing on platinum blonde. They broke up in August due, apparently, to the professional commitments of both. Who, they stressed, prefer to remain friends.

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    And, before her, he partnered with Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber and Phoebe Dynevor. Will last?