Andmily in Paris debuted on Netflix in 2020, in October. With the public who, loving and hating the little American intern who moved to Paris, transformed the Darren Star series (Sex and the City) played by the actress Lily Collins in one of the most sensational successes of the lockdown era. When the world killed itself with streaming, sourdough and alcohol. The reasons are manifold: the French capital, the glamor of the fashion shows, the looks, as well as the clichés linked to the America-Europe clash. All features from tourist brochure, and yet applause to Darren for having hit an absurd candy and winning in the era of commitment and TV divided between two genres, crime and fantasy. Perhaps precisely because opposite and in line with her tradition of women-love-wardrobe-career.

    Thanks to the new photos of the third season, released yesterday by Netflix on its accounts, interest in the show quickly regained positions. Suggesting the direction of the plot of the episodes, hopefully arriving in early 2023. Let’s see how.

    Emily in Pariswhere were we

    The second season – released in December 2021 – had shown a more indulgent Emily, more inclined to embrace the European spirit and mitigate prejudices about the French. She also made a commitment to learn the language by taking lessons and befriending another handsome student. the Englishman Alfiea frequentation from which a love triangle.

    The latest installments presented a series of challenges that left the marketing manager more confused than ever about her future. After finally integrating abroad, Emily found herself deciding whether to stay in Paris or return to Chicago.

    Lily Collins in “Emily in Paris 3”. (Netflix)

    The third season

    “I’m dying to know what the decision will be. I’m as confused as Emily was “, Lily Collins told a Glamor, “I think Emily is thrilled that her boss Sylvie wants to take her with him to a new workplace. However, she has this relationship with Alfie and maybe she would like to go to London“.

    Emily’s complicated love life plays a part in her difficult decision. At the end of the second season, she couldn’t see a future either with the French chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) nor with the British Alfie (Lucien Laviscount).

    Darren Star explains: «Our challenge is to decide what the protagonist will decide and why. This is what the third season will deal with ». And he added: “When you live in a foreign country, one of the questions is: where is your heart? Is it the place you came from or the place you are now? Emily will be struggling with that too. ‘

    The future of Alfie, Sylvie and “the unknown Kim Cattrall”

    Alfie will not only return for the third season, apparently he will also be a regular cast member. Star said this when commenting on the possibility that he and Emily will stay together: “London is not far from Paris.”

    You will also see a lot more of Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), with glimpses of his private life. “We will show more of her in the coming seasons – always says Darren. We don’t find out all about Sylvie at once. It’s like an onion or an artichoke. There are many layers to peel ».

    Lily Collins and Lucien Laviscount (Alfie) in “Emily in Paris 3”. (Netflix)

    Then there is the unknown Kim Cattrall, for now just a gossip. Back in great shape in the American Lgbtq + series Queer as Folkbroadcast in Italy by Starzplay, the Samantha Jones of Sex and the City could make an appearance in Emily in Paris right in the role of the character of the sex addict.

    The appearance would be a kind of crossover between Emily and And just like that – the sequel to SATC where Samantha lives in London in total silence except for a few messages. Not a bow to Sarah Jessica Parker, as some might think, but a favor to Darren Star; the two are very close friends.