“With Alberto Fernandez I spoke and he told me to calm down, because sometimes I get half crazy and it hurts me, but we have to keep working without giving any balls,” he says. Emilio Pérsico, leader of the Evita Movement, one of the main allies of the president in the internal struggle that today divides the Everyone’s front.

    “I lived in a popular settlement during the government of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, in San Fernando, and every year’s end they accused us of robbing a supermarket. But they were not our partners. Today the social situation is worse than at that time, we have much more inflation and poverty, but we have not defined even one attempt at looting, the organizations have worked a lot on that, and the same thing happened in the midst of the pandemic, ”says the referent on the work of social organizations in containing possible outbreaks.

    “The Evita movement in the suburbs opened 7 thousand dining rooms. And in that sense I always thank Cristina (Kirchner) because we didn’t even have a dining room. But those fellow avoid, that militancy that is in the territory every day and put their shoulders to the crisis, is there solving the problems that neither the market nor the State could solve. You have to thank them, not treat them like that,” he added. Emilio Pérsico in dialogue with El Disparador (Delta 90.3), on which he left the speech of Cristina Kirchner a week ago.

    He goes down the line that different swords of Kirchnerism took to charge against Pérsico and other social movements that today have, as the Evita Movement proclaims, control of the territory. Cecilia Moreau pointed out that Persicoworks as Secretary of Social Economy in the Ministry of Social Development, “on both sides of the counter”.

    Persian Emile.

    And he also criticized “Chino” Navarro: “He is secretary of Parliamentary Relations but I never saw him in Congress. He is not a functioning official,” he said, paraphrasing Cristina Kirchner. “They are government officials and they felt proud to be in TN questioning Cristina,” he added.

    For Andrés “El Cuervo” Larroque, provincial Minister of Social Development, “Emilio Pérsico almost has a psychological problem with Cristina. He was the person who had the most influence in putting Alberto in tension with Cristina, ”he was responsible. And Juliana Di Tullio maintained the same: “Emilio Pérsico is sexist and has a personal problem with Cristina.”

    The senator added that “there are a lot of cooperatives that are wonderful and have generated genuine work, and almost all social organizations say they have no problem being audited. It is not understood why Pérsico disagrees with auditing the Evita movement”.

    Persian Emile.

    “What Cristina Fernández did was talk about the role of the State, and the State has to integrate the popular economies. If a governor does not know how many plans they have, who they are and what they work for, it is impossible to control what happens,” she remarked.

    “I don’t know why Andrés Larroque and Juliana Di Tullio attack me. I know Juliana because she started militating in the Evita Movement. And I understand that there is a decision to break with social organizations and with the Evita Movement. At first it was an attack on the As a whole, the organizations are now taking a step back and attacking me. But they are turning against a sector, not the leadership. Many colleagues are disappointed with Cristina,” Persico replied on Delta 90.3

    “I never saw those who criticize us today on the street. We did more than 300 marches during the macrismo and none of them I saw in the street. We support Cristina until the last day and we are going to support Alberto Fernández so that he solves the problems, that is the game of democracy. Let the opposition criticize all they want because it is his task, ours is to support so that the president has the greatest possible strength to make his own decisions, “he concluded.

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