Ansku didn’t win the Dancing with the Stars competition, but he got a big kiss.

    Elina Gustafsson and Ansku Bergström have been a couple since last season’s TTK. Jussi Eskola

    The Dancing with the Stars competition was decided in Sunday’s final Benjamin Peltonen and Get Akiola to victory.

    In addition to them, the first place was sought Sonja Kailassaari and Matti Puro mixed Jaakko Loikkanen and Ansku Bergström.

    Even though Ansku didn’t beat his star student to victory this time, he was definitely number one in the opinion of at least one person:

    – You are always my number one! spouse, ex-boxer Elina Gustafsson is beaming on Instagram.

    He also shared a photo collage, in the first shot of which he passionately kisses Ansku on the TTK stage.

    – I’ve been proudly watching from the sidelines as week after week you’ve created an amazing show out of nothing. You went with Jaakko Loikkanen from start to finish enjoying yourself to the fullest. It was so great to be able to join you in freestyle, Ellu beams.

    If the Instagram embed is not visible, you can access it from this link. Click the arrow on the right side of the picture to see more pictures.

    Ellu indeed participated in the freestyle dance of the TTK final with Ansku and Jaako. There were also three other dancers and the group named themselves “Untamed”. The song was chosen by Antti Tuiskun The beast is unleashed.

    Ansku and Ellu danced as TTK’s first ever same-sex couple last season. They fell out pretty early in the season but fell in love. The couple has been together ever since.