Since the victorious lady Giorgia Meloni has Silvio Berlusconi As one of its main coalition partners to form a government, I found it interesting to see how the Tele 5 Newscasts have focused on their triumph.

    This chain is owned by Mediaset, a company controlled precisely by Silvio Berlusconi through an ingenuity called Media For Europe NV –based in the Netherlands– and which in turn is a subsidiary of Fininvest, the parent company chaired by Marina Elvira Berlusconi eldest daughter of the tycoon.

    This colossal network of the television business – which passes through the Dutch semi-tax haven in some of its sections – must be recognized as truly imaginative. Several master’s degrees in economics are needed to follow his thread. But here what is illustrative on television is to see how Tele 5 considers and qualifies the triumph of Melonilady who will take Mr. Silvio back to the Italian government.

    In the first newscast, the ‘Informativo Matinal’ at 7 o’clock, the T-5 sign, under the image of the winner, was: “The right of Meloni”, and then they inserted another that read “Victory of the Right in Italy.” In the star newscast, the one at 3:00 p.m., the first label was «Meloni will be the prime minister” and then simply “Elections in Italy”.

    It is curious, while the news signs of T-5 avoided placing the words “ultra-right”, “extreme right” or “neo-fascist” in their spellings, and chose to describe the ideology of Meloni as simply ‘right wing’, the presenters of these same news programs said something else in their speeches.

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    They looked at the camera and warned us “Victory of the extreme right of Meloni”, “The extreme right is gaining ground in Europe”, or “The political program of Meloni it’s post-fascist.” Interesting informative strabismus. The labels cooked and written in some office persuaded the audience that Meloni it is simply a ‘right-wing’ policy.

    The professional journalists, who knows if even contravening some unwritten order, decided to correct the spelling of T-5 itself out loud, and sang us another song, in line with the rest of the channels (A-3 TV, TVE -1, La Sexta, TV-3…) pronouncing clearly and without hesitation ‘ultra-right’, ‘extreme right’ and ‘post-fascist’. oh! Let’s hope that ‘Sua Emittenza’ don Silvio didn’t get too angry.