According to the claims, Meghan brushed off Camilla’s attempts to help her get started as a member of the royal family.

    Duchess Meghan is said to have ignored the advice and support she would have received upon joining the royal family. a.o.p

    Author Angela Levin claims in her upcoming book Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall that Duchess Meghan ignored current Queen Consort Camilla’s attempts to help when Meghan joined the royal family.

    The queen consort organized lunches with the duchess to help her adjust to the constant public scrutiny and responsibilities of the royal family.

    Camilla’s desire to help was due to the fact that she herself had experienced a rude reception among the royal family in her own time. That’s why he wanted to warmly welcome Meghan to the family and be her support in everything.

    – He doesn’t want to see anyone suffer and he is attached to Meghan, an anonymous source revealed to Levin for the book.

    There is no exact information about the current relationship between the two, but in the past, Meghan allegedly rejected Camilla’s friendly attempts. PDO

    According to the book, Meghan rebuffed Camilla’s kindness by acting distant and reacting to the advice she received either with disgust or ignoring it. He apparently wanted to make his own way without help.

    The queen consort also wanted to show her respect for Meghan by having a dinner prepared for her, which ended differently than Camilla had imagined.

    According to the claims, Prince Harry wanted to bring a third party, or mediator, to the dinner in question so that he and Meghan would be more comfortable around the royal family.

    – Harry actually suggested that they bring in a mediator to try to work things out. The proposal was received by the current king Charles III to get confused and Camilla to spill her tea, the inner circle is revealed.

    According to Levin’s information, the prince and duchess already felt at that time that there were difficulties between them and the other royals, which is why they wanted to bring in a mediator to clear the air.

    According to Levin’s writing, the friendly attempts of Queen consort Camilla were not successful, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began to separate from the rest of the family.

    Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s joint interview from 2017.

    Source: DailyMail