Donny M. confessed in court on Wednesday morning that he kidnapped, abused and killed 9-year-old Gino. Earlier, the Public Prosecution Service stated on Wednesday that Gino was strangled or smothered with a pillow during the kidnapping in Kerkrade in June. Justice suspects M. of murder, kidnapping, sexual abuse, embezzling the corpse and administering drugs. Apart from the case that revolves around Gino, M. is also suspected of making and distributing child pornography.

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    This Wednesday the first hearing in the case will take place in Maastricht. Shortly after it started, it was shut down because Gino’s mother yelled at the 22-year-old suspect. Gino disappeared from a playground in Kerkrade, Limburg, on a summer evening in June. Following directions from M., his body was found a few days later in nearby Geleen. M. he was known to the judiciary and the police.

    M. was convicted in 2017 for a sexual offense and was supervised by inspections for two years. He was jailed for 139 days for assaulting and threatening two children and abusing one of them. In addition, the court sentenced him to conditional admission to a juvenile detention center. An investigation is underway into the period he was under surveillance. The question is whether the ‘guidance, support and care’ has been sufficient.

    The disappearance of Gino was extensively in the news. In memory of the boy, a silent march was held around the playground where the boy was last seen.