Peter WorthNovember 22, 20226:04 PM

    Entire studies have been published on the character of comic phenomenon Donald Duck. Even Marxists have tried to dissect the duck. In How do I read Donald Duck? from 1973 he is portrayed as reactionary with the Ducklings as imperialists.

    Walt Disney invented Donald as early as 1934. He put all the character traits of people he hated in the anthropomorphic duck, who is dressed in a sailor suit with a red bow and a blue cap.

    Together with the good-natured Mickey Mouse, the unlucky Donald conquered the world. The figures brought Disney untold wealth and success. In his lifetime, Walt Disney was an Oscar-winning legend who had captivated youth in every country. In 1952 the magazine was published in the Netherlands Donald Duck. After comics, books and films, Walt Disney opened the very first Disneyland theme park near Los Angeles in 1955 – eleven years before his death.

    Characteristic of the figure Donald Duck is the enormous perseverance with which he strives for success. But most of the time things go wrong because of his great clumsiness, stupidity and temper. For this he continuously ends up in a perilous position, from which he is rescued by his nephews Dewey, Dewey and Kwak. The only thing he is good for is coin polisher in his uncle Scrooge McDuck’s money warehouse.

    Bob Chapek, whose premature resignation as Disney CEO was announced Monday, would fit perfectly in Donald’s sailor suit. He also seems to end up as a coin polisher in the money warehouse that is still the largest entertainment concern in the world. Causes are political clumsiness and commercial mistakes that would not be out of place in a comic strip. His exit is as inglorious as Donald Duck’s, especially as the supervisory board has brought back his predecessor Bob Iger, who retired in 2020, to come clean.

    Chapek was unlucky that the Disney parks were closed for a long time due to corona. Chapek is further blamed for not being able to make the streaming business, which has been bundled into Disney+, profitable in the competition with Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max. As a result, shares are down 40 percent this year. But now Disney + worldwide has more subscribers than Netflix.

    But what actually killed Chapek: a raunchy feud with California Governor Ron DeSantis, who is seen as Donald Trump’s main challenger in the Republican race for president. Chapek initially refused, much to the chagrin of many Disney employees, to oppose a DeSantis law that prohibits teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, the Don’t Say Gay Law. When he spoke out about this and said that his company unconditionally supports the LGBTI community, DeSantis threatened to revoke Disney’s building privileges in Florida – the site of Disney World’s second and largest park.

    Chapek is now dripping like Donald in many comics. The only consolation his three nephews and uncle Dagobert can give him is that a new episode of Donald Duck appears.