Dental organization Colosseum Dental, headquartered in Oosterhout, has paid a ransom to criminals to end a cyber attack. She announced this herself. The organization assumes that most dental practices will be able to receive patients again this week.

    At the end of last week it was announced that practices of Colosseum Dental Netherlands had been hit by a hack. It has more than a hundred branches throughout the Benelux, 38 of which are in Brabant.

    Agreements with hackers
    The company says that contact has been made with the cyber attackers and that agreements have been made about the return and security of data. External specialists have been engaged to counter the consequences of the cyber attack as quickly as possible. It has also been decided to file a complaint. It had previously become known that it immediately reported this form of cybercrime to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

    Colosseum Dental wants only through his website react. This reads, among other things, that it felt compelled to make agreements with the hackers: “Only in this way were we able to minimize the risk for all those involved in the short term and restore the practice relatively quickly.”

    The organization also regrets that the cyberattack has disrupted our duty of care for our patients so seriously. Patients can count on a personal apology.”

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