On many social media platforms, especially on Twitter, many users are currently criticizing Olli Schulz’s recent statements about the Kliemann affair. This had demanded more sensitivity on Instagram – and compared the Fynn Kliemann case with that of Kasia Lenhardt. That drew a lot of criticism.

    Smear campaign against Kasia Lenhardt

    Kasia Lenhardt worked as a model and dated soccer pro Jerome Boateng, who split from her in early 2021. Numerous tabloid articles followed, revealing private details and headlines such as “Separation Mud Battle!” or “Now it’s getting really dirty with the Boateng separation” carried. Boateng poured more petrol into the fire when he attested to his ex-girlfriend’s alcohol problems in an interview and also accused her of blackmail. Hundreds of users commented on the separation on social media, sometimes in a hateful, sexist tone.

    On February 9, 2021, Lenhardt was found lifeless in her Berlin apartment. Apparently the model committed suicide. It is unclear what drove her to do this, but her death sparked an intense discussion about cyberbullying and the role of the media. Olli Schulz now wrote on Instagram that public dealings with Fynn Kliemann reminded him of the “story of Kasia Lenhardt”.

    Olli Schulz: “It’s about public pressure”

    Many critics find this comparison inappropriate. Unlike Kasia Lenhardt, who, through no fault of her own, became the focus of numerous newspaper articles and angry comments, Fynn Kliemann brought himself into this situation through his alleged mask fraud. With his comparison, Olli Schulz would thus – according to the accusation – swap the roles of perpetrator and victim. When asked by an Instagram user, Olli Schulz commented on the criticism. He wrote: “The text is about public pressure and what can arise from it. Beyond the role of victim and perpetrator”

    —This article first appeared on Musikexpress.de—