Finally the weekend, finally time for two again. For many couples in Germany, this also means enjoying the desire for each other. Gladly also with sensual toys.

    The fact is: The sex toy business is booming: Fueled by the Corona crisis, sales figures in the industry have increased by up to 300 percent in some cases, and the trend is rising! The truth about the state of the nation probably lies somewhere between self-preservation and self-gratification.

    One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of erotic toys, Fun Factory, now talks out of the toy box and provides entertaining information about butt plugs, prostate stimulation and other preferences of Germans.

    The most important facts:

    ► In a survey, 30 percent stated that they wanted to use sex toys in the future if they were not already doing so.

    ► Most people who use vibrators, handcuffs and the like live in Bremen. 13.3 percent do it here every day. Bayern follow in second place (6.6 percent).

    ► The capital Berlin is in the middle of the field in this survey. Here, only 2.3 percent use sex toys on a daily basis.

    ► The Saxons and Saarlanders bring up the rear. Not one of the respondents stated that they used pleasure toys on a daily basis…

    ► According to the survey, most couples primarily use the weekend to go erotic shopping and then to try out what they have bought straight away.

    ► But, contrary to what you might think, the sales figures for sexy toys are not greatest in spring. Toys are shopped most frequently in October.

    ► 74 percent of all sex toys sold in Germany are motorized (e.g. vibrators), the rest (26 percent) are operated manually (e.g. dildos).

    ► And which sex toy is currently leading the sales charts in the Fun Factory online shop? Answer: the so-called NÖS. Behind it is a penis ring with vibration.

    Sex counselor Jana Förster also knows how important new experiences of pleasure are, especially in long-term relationships: “Role-playing games are a great way to get a breath of fresh air into the bedroom,” says the expert. “But of course sex toys can also provide an additional incentive.”