Sophie, Countess of Wessex is possibly the quiet, supporting force of the royal family.

    Countess Sophie is praised for her common sense and sense of humor. PDO

    The British royal family is facing big changes after the death of Queen Elizabeth. Charles is adjusting to his new role as king and William and Catherine are the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

    In addition to maintaining the image of the court, the family has private, tumultuous relationships to take care of. The queen’s second youngest son, Andrew, has been accused of sexual crimes, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, left the court slamming the doors.

    As in other, more ordinary families, there are usually more restrained individuals who get less attention and stand between strong personalities and tense atmospheres. These include the Queen’s youngest son Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex. They have been married since 1999.

    The Queen and the Countess were each other’s confidants, it has often been reported in the British media. PDO

    Sophie and Edward’s wedding was celebrated in June 1999. PDO

    Sophie, 57, has been called the Queen’s favorite daughter-in-law and “second daughter” many times over the years in the British media. He has reacted to the uproar at court calmly and has assured the family of staying together despite the differences. He might just be the quiet force that supports the royal family even now. Why so?

    Support in times of trouble

    Mirror-magazine, Sophie and Queen Elizabeth had a similar sense of humor and supported each other in difficult times. The Queen’s sister and mother died close together in 2002, and at that time Sophie was closely supporting her mother-in-law.

    In 2005, Sophie’s own mother died, and the grief united her and the Queen even more. Sophie also supported the Queen last year when her longtime husband Prince Philip died. At the same time, the aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s mock interview was going on.

    Queen Elizabeth and Countess Sophie photographed together in 2019. a.o.p

    Sophie and Edward lit candles in memory of the Queen during their visit to Manchester. PDO

    – The Queen appreciated Sophie’s common sense, especially after the Harry and Meghan drama, the Mirror magazine’s anonymous source says.

    “Sophie could see how upset Her Majesty was and was angry at the Sussexes’ claims.

    However, the Countess did not turn against Harry and Meghan. The Telegraph Sophie had a long conversation with Harry during Philip’s funeral. This week, Sophie and Meghan traveled in the same car to the Queen’s bodyguards at Westminster Hall.

    – He is basically kind, so it is not at all surprising that he left the drama behind and traveled in the same car with Meghan, the Mirror’s source says.

    Getting along

    According to the Telegraph, Sophie’s iron nerves and energy may be a holdover from her former career as a front-person in the PR industry. When Harry and Meghan had their first child, Archie, other family members asked their secretaries to arrange a meeting with the Sussexes. Instead, Sophie got behind the wheel of the car and drove to the couple’s Frogmore Cottage herself.

    – He has the kind of empathy and warmth that the royal family may not naturally have. “Normal people would think they’re going to check on the baby and make sure the new mother is okay,” the Telegraph’s source says.

    Sophie and Duchess Meghan made the same trip to the Queen’s bodyguards on September 14. PDO

    Former employees of the countess tell the Telegraph that she is perfect for the role of family mediator.

    – That’s why she was the queen’s favorite daughter-in-law, she is down-to-earth and doesn’t dwell on things. Like Meghan, she had a career before royal life and knows what it’s like to be in the merciless public eye. He understands Harry and Meghan’s experiences, one of them says.

    According to the Mirror, Sophie is likely to inherit several of the Queen’s protective positions in organizations such as the Women’s Institute, which promotes women’s causes, and the Dogs Trust, which promotes the protection of dogs. Inheriting honorary positions is seen as the queen’s thanks to her daughter-in-law.

    This is how the Queen’s coffin made its way towards the coroners in London on September 14. pool/reuters