A Canadian jury found the Dutchman Aydin C. (44) guilty on Saturday afternoon (local time) of blackmailing Canadian Amanda Todd online. The then fifteen-year-old girl took her own life in 2012 as a result of so-called sextortion (extortion with sexually tinted images).

    The jury found Aydin C. guilty of extortion, possession of child pornography, digital stalking and harassing a minor. He was not on trial for the girl’s death.

    Todd’s case became world news when she expressed her despair on YouTube. Todd told her story using cards with lyrics on them. It can be read that she was blackmailed for years with a photo of her breasts. Partly because of that photo, she was bullied and abused by classmates for years.

    The video was shared many times after Todd’s suicide in October 2012. The world was shocked. Todd quickly became the face of sextortion, a form of blackmail in which a blackmailer threatens to put someone’s nude images online.

    According to prosecutors in Canada, C. was the one who harassed Todd online. In 2018 he was convicted in the Netherlands for digital stalking and extortion of 33 people. That earned him ten years and 243 days in prison, the highest possible sentence he could receive.

    In Canada, C. was suspected of extortion from Todd, among other things, but he is not on trial for her death. According to Canadian prosecutors, he used as many as 22 different accounts on multiple social media platforms. With that, he harassed Todd for about three years. C. has maintained his innocence.

    The verdict was attended by Amanda Todd’s mother. She reacted vociferously to every conviction of the accused in the verdict.

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