The embittered Linda de Mol wants to make people at home laugh a lot with her new comedy series Five Live. But is this actually possible? “Will the Voice victims be able to laugh about it too?”

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    Linda de Mol makes no secret of the fact that she is very bitter. She lashed out at half the media world in her comeback column last week. Yet she now wants to make the Netherlands laugh a lot with her new comedy series Five Live. The premiere is next Sunday, but isn’t this too early?

    New Linda Series

    Five Live is a comedy series about the media world full of jealousy, gossip, elbow grease and hypocrisy. It cannot be otherwise than that Linda was well inspired by what is happening behind the scenes of Talpa.

    Media journalist Roelf Jan Duin wonders whether Linda is not wrong with this, because according to him the comedy series comes very close to reality. “In Five Live, she plays the role of a talk show host whose ex has a rather wild sex life,” he explains. The watchword.

    Voice victims

    That sounds very much like the real life of Linda, who has been discredited by her wild ex-lover Jeroen Rietbergen. The only difference is that in Jeroen’s case it was all a little less innocent. After all, he has behaved cross-border behind the scenes of The Voice.

    Do the Voice victims think such a series is appropriate at the moment? Roelf Jan wonders. “This is art imitating life say, with probably enough witticism to keep things light, but will the Voice victims also be able to laugh about it?”

    Mepping Johnny

    Roelf Jan also questions the return of Linda’s nephew Johnny de Mol. He returns on the tube as presenter of Restaurant Misverstand. “Awkward timing, with a criminal investigation pending?”

    The media journalist compares Johnny to Lil Kleine, who is also trying to resume his career. “The comeback of the beating men”, sneezes Roelf Jan.


    A taste of Five Live: