Cabinet wants to double crisis emergency shelter places, mayors ask for a structural approach

The cabinet is requesting the security regions to create more than 5,600 extra crisis emergency shelters for asylum seekers. These places come on top of the 5500 extra crisis shelter places that were requested earlier, of which 5000 have now been realised. The unused reception places for Ukrainians must also be eligible for regular asylum seekers.

According to State Secretary Van der Burg (Asylum), the reason is that it is difficult to accommodate status holders and the chain is therefore clogged, reports the NOS. In addition, the influx of asylum seekers is still high.

According to the 25 mayors of the Security Council, The Hague’s politicians must take structural decisions as quickly as possible about the progress of asylum policy in the Netherlands. This concerns, among other things, the deportation policy of aliens who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands and the strengthening of the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

The mayors in turn conveyed this message to Van der Burg. They fear that the reception will become even more bogged down than it is now. “The security regions have now realized 5000 of the more than 5500 additional emergency shelters requested. But the situation at the application center in Ter Apel is still inhumane and undesirable. And the long-term vision is not yet there,” said chairman Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen.

The mayors said earlier that they wanted to cooperate with extra crisis emergency care until October 1 at the most, because that is actually not a task for municipalities. “But of course we don’t want people to sleep on the street or wander around the entire country,” said Bruls.

Bruls: “There must be a prospect of solutions. Something is happening now, but real decisions have not yet been made. That cannot wait until everyone is back from recess. We have to work hard in the coming weeks. crisis organization to continue indefinitely,” he said earlier.