B.rooke Shields is always Brooke Shields: an icon of timeless charm and beauty. The 57-year-old actress and model posed in lingerie for the launch of a new collection of bras by Skims, the Kim Kardashian brand. And, judging by the images shared on social media, time really seems to have stopped for her.

    Brooke Shields in the new Skims campaign

    Unforgettable protagonist of Blue Lagoon, Brooke Shields was also a model. She has posed for various brands and has been the protagonist of many fashion magazine covers several times. Now Kim Kardashian has hired her as an underwear model to launch a collection of bras. Not just any bras, but garments that combine the word sexy with those of comfort and convenience. For any woman and at any age. Not surprisingly, together with Brooke Shields, Becky G (25), Cassie (36), Chelsea Handler (47), Juliette Lewis (49) and Indya Moore (27) were also hired for the campaign.

    Honored and enthusiastic

    Here she is the model in all her sensuality. Brooke Shields shared on Instagram a succession of images wearing Skims underwear. Proving that she has nothing to envy to younger colleagues.

    Charm and beauty have never abandoned it over the years. “I am so honored and excited to be in Skims’ first bras campaign. I can honestly say that these bras are something we can all feel safe and comfortable in, ”the actress wrote on social media. In fact, it is no coincidence that Kim Kardashian has decided to hire her for this campaign. Last year, Brooke Shields posed topless for denim brand Jordache explicitly asking not to retouch her photos. “It is important for you to see that this is my body,” she said. She proving that she is not afraid of the passing of time.

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    Kim Kardashian’s new bras

    (Instagram @brookeshields)

    There new collection of Skims bras will go on sale from 27 September. Available in all sizes, from first to eighth, costs range from $ 36 to $ 58. The goal of this collection, as stated by the company that brought together 50 inspiring women, is “to provide an ageless design for all women with all lifestyles and cultural backgrounds”.

    We want all women to feel comfortable in their bras, but above all, confident. This is Skims’ biggest campaign and I couldn’t be more honored to have worked with the amazing women who brought it to life, ”said Kim Kardashian. “Trust begins within us and, with this campaign, we are bringing all women together to celebrate all the bodies and the individuality of each ».