The LGO (43) from Bergen has been declared guilty by the Alkmaar court of committing lewd acts with his daughter’s girlfriend (7). He received a nine-month prison sentence and treatment for his psychological problems. The man was acquitted on two other counts.

    It happened on August 24, 2020. The girls played on the loft bed of the daughter of the suspect. The father came up because they were painting and had everything covered.

    When the 7-year-old was later picked up by her mother, she stated that the man had licked her. “Despite her young age, she has consistently told this story,” said the judge, who considers her statements sufficiently reliable.


    In addition, DNA of the man was found on the intimate parts of the girl. The suspect has given various explanations as to how this got there, such as through a washcloth and spit – when he wanted to scrub off the make-up.

    But because the story has changed a few times, the court considers the OCT story to be unreliable. And so there is sufficient supporting evidence to prove the indecent act.

    The man would also have performed other lewd acts, but the judge does not find this proven, because there has been no consistent statement about this. The Bergenaar is acquitted of this.

    child porn

    When OCT was arrested in 2020, his computer was also seized and the detectives found small images of child pornography. “Come along with downloading movies”, the suspect said about it during the trial two weeks ago

    Because it is impossible to trace how those images came to be on that computer, the man is also acquitted for this. Moreover, they were ‘small pictures’, not original, large pictures or videos.

    In sentencing, the court took the man’s PTSD into account. He is therefore less accountable. De Bergenaar has been sentenced to nine months in prison, six of which are suspended with a three-month probation period.

    He also receives outpatient treatment for his problems and must report to the probation service. He has to pay compensation to the victim’s family and he is not allowed to contact the mother and the girl.