“In investigations into paedosexuals, we see a lot of material that parents or grandparents have put online themselves,” says detective Annemiek van Noord of the Team Combating Child Pornography and Child Sex Tourism (TBKK) in North Holland. RTL News.

    Everyday Photos

    “Often these are everyday holiday photos in which a child is not fully dressed,” says van Noord. “For example, they only wear swimming trunks, or you can see their bare bottoms. So it’s not the case that photos with only genitals on them are interesting for these suspects.”

    What you never wanted as a parent

    According to the detective, it is therefore important not to just throw things online from your (grand) children, even if you think it is harmless. “Photos of a child playing in swimming trunks are very normal. But pedosexuals exchange such pictures among themselves and share their sexual fantasies with it. And that is of course something you never wanted as a parent when you shared a nice holiday snapshot.”

    Source: RTL News

    August 4, 2022