Sofia, currently living in the Big Brother house, made a sexual revelation.

    Sofia reveals that she was in bed with two Finnish celebrities. Jukka Alasaari

    A resident of the Big Brother house Sophia revealed to her roommates that she had been in bed with two well-known Finnish men.

    However, in the conversation in the living room, Sofia does not agree to reveal the other person in question. He has already revealed his second name before, so he tells it freely even now.

    – Another one of the morning boys, he hints.

    The others in the party are excited by Sofia’s speeches. Sofia admits that it is Renne Korppila, who became familiar as a presenter on the NRJ radio channel.

    The expressions of the others vary from openly excited to surprised.

    – Oh that Renne who just got divorced? The wind is curious.

    A life of its own

    Sofia, from Naantali, currently lives in England. He works in Manchester as an entrepreneur, e.g. social influence and sex work.

    Sofia has experienced a lot of questioning of her life choices in her life, and the woman talks openly, for example, about sex work, which she has been doing for several years. For him, it is a job among other things.

    – Most of it is sending pictures, phone calls and messaging. Then, of course, some of it itself. However, I have recently been doing these jobs in decreasing amounts.

    In the future, Sofia would like to buy her own house in England with the money she earns. The apartment would not be the most modest, but there would definitely be at least three rooms and a beautiful view in addition to the jacuzzis.

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