is approaching the Sarrià festival and the district councillor, Albert Batllewho combines the position with that of Deputy Mayor for Security, has just sent a letter to all the teenagers in the neighborhood in which he invites them to have a good time, to “meet up with friends of the previous school year and to consolidate the friendships started in the summer”. It is, however, and beyond that friendly entrance, a letter linked to the risks and bad habits of youth. The problem is that it has been treated equally (they have received it at home) both 16-year-olds and pre-adolescents who have just turned 12 or are still 11. “The festive activity is too often associated with Alcohol intake and others addictive productsand you, who are still in the training phase, although it may not seem like it, are a vulnerable group”. The consistory argues that the letter is part of the government measure of district addiction prevention.

    He urges them to “live this important stage with fullness and tranquility“, and therefore asks them to “become aware of the importance of using responsible for drinks and others addictive products“. The problem, say two parents and a mother whose children have received the letter, is that it has become too general. “I think the intention is goodbut the age range of the recipients is too wide for the message arrives equally to everyone”, says one of them.

    “You won’t read it”

    “Our 12-year-old son won’t read it. But not just because says things that still do not play, but because he just won’t understand it. It would be different if I were 15 years old, although these lessons would also make me a little uncomfortable”. They’ve been stuck for two years. From 14 it would no longer seem like such a bad idea, but mine just entered high school and he doesn’t know what all this is about and I don’t think that’s the way to get him into it. It’s not that I want to hide anything from him, quite the opposite, but at 12 years old, the biggest party is not going to be for them bottle, drugs and sexist violence“, he summarizes. “My son has read it and with the little he has understood has been freaking out“, adds the first of the consulted parents.

    From the district, a spokesman explains that the letter is part of the plan of preventive measures to addictions approved by the plenary session of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi in October 2019. As justification, in this measure it is recalled that alcohol is the most consumed substance Among high school students between the ages of 14 and 18, the tobacco It is the second and closes the podium cannabis. The letter would also justify the fact that this is the district of Europe with higher concentration of schools, about 70 with more than 40,000 students. The Agència de Salut Pública surveys on risk factors in secondary school are carried out from the 2nd year of ESO, leaving aside those in the first year. In the one held in 2021 worrying data appears, such as the fact that nearly 10% of those interviewed in the 2nd year of ESO have consumed alcohol in the last 30 days. In the same document it is observed that the average age of trying alcohol is 13 and a half years.

    “On too many occasions a party does not end well due to excessive drinking, due to the mixture of substances or due to personal relationships that follow. sexist or class stereotypes. They are behaviors that we should stop normalizing“, reads the letter, signed by the district councilor. He then goes on to list the risks: “You must bear in mind that the consumption of alcohol and drugs directly affects the brain from the first moment and also affects the basic physical and mental skills. Among the risks involved is loss of consciousness, unintentional injuriesaggressive behavior or sexist violenceamong others, and there may also be later sequelssome for the rest of life”. For all these reasons, the letter ends, the district has published “the guide to prevention and care services for addictions in adolescents and young peopleavailable on the district website.

    Rampage in 2021

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    “What makes me sick is that you seem to take it for granted that our children drink and take drugs. We are not idiots, we know that they will do things behind our backs, that they will deceive us. But that this is going to happen now, when I am 11 or 12 years old, in the 1st year of ESO, in three weeks, I no longer see it so clearly and I think that talking to them about addictions and sexist violence taking advantage of the neighborhood party is a bit unnecessary and hastycomplains one of the parents. “Of course we have to talk about alcohol and drugs and of course many, unfortunately, they will get drunk being adolescents even though alcohol consumption is prohibited for them. What we don’t share is the way the district has chosen to put the issue on the table.”

    The 2021 parties were a explosion of emotions -covid through- which led to arrests and altercations on the street. After a Mercè with a runaway bottle, the Urban Guard, which has Batlle as the main person in charge, carried out a huge police deployment to try to alleviate the situation during the weekends. The youth rallies early october they settled with five arrested, two of them, at the Sarrià festivities. “At 12 years old, perhaps we let them go alone to the ‘correfoc’ and to the Via Augusta churreria“, concludes one of the consulted parents.