Singer Kesha is doing significant work for the LGBTQ + community.

    Kesha speaks for the rights of gender and sexual minorities. John Salangsang / Shutterstock

    Kesha, known for her TiK ToK hit in recent years, aka Kesha Rose Sebert, 35, has posted a pride-like post on her Instagram account. Kesha, previously dubbed the LGBTQ + icon, has been praised for its open discussion on behalf of the community.

    In 2016, he received recognition for his prominent work when HRC human rights campaign awarded him the Visibility Award.

    – Don’t let people judge you and let them change you in things that make you unique. We must not fear our own dignity, he spoke in his thanksgiving speech.

    Now on his Instagram account, he shares more of his thoughts on equality, and praises his fans for following him. She also shares more specific information about her own sexuality.

    You can also view the post from here.

    He writes that he does not feel he is gay, nor is he heterosexual.

    – I don’t know who I am. I fall in love with a person. We are all on our own little journey of dancing around this earth, he rejoices.

    Kesha filmed at the time of the release of the Tik Tok hit in 2009. Henry Lamb / Photowire / BEI / Shutterstock

    A great honour

    The posting is partly related to the appearance of an event in honor of the 2022 Stonewall riots.

    – I am an eternal advocate for the LGBTQ + community, so I am very honored to be performing at this event.

    The Stonewall riots originated in New York, USA, in the late 1960s, when people belonging to sexual minorities rebelled against a society that oppressed them.

    This gave rise to movements for the rights of sexual minorities, as well as the world-famous gay pride march tradition.

    – Stonewall is a vital place for queer culture. Let’s celebrate together how far we’ve come with our struggle. We will not back down, he says In a bulletin published by Billboard.

    Source: Gay Times

    Kesha has had a sexual harassment dispute with a Sony producer.