A Canadian jury found Aydin C. from Tilburg on Saturday afternoon (local time) guilty of online extortion of Canadian Amanda Todd. Canadian media reported that. The then 15-year-old girl took her own life in 2012.

    She did this as a result of so-called sextortion, that is extortion with sexually tinted images. A video that Todd put on YouTube in which she expressed her despair made her business world news.

    The jury found Aydin C. guilty of extortion, two charges of possession of child pornography and digital stalking and harassing a minor.

    According to prosecutors in Canada, C. was the one who harassed Todd online. He was already convicted in the Netherlands in 2018 for digital stalking and extortion. In Canada C. has been charged with, among other things, extortion of Todd, but he was not on trial for her death.

    The 44-year-old C. was extradited to Canada in December 2020. About two months ago, his trial began at the Supreme Court in New Westminster, a Canadian suburb of Vancouver. The twelve jurors reached a guilty verdict within a day.

    The verdict was attended by Amanda Todd’s mother. She reacted vociferously to every conviction of the accused in the verdict.

    Omroep Brabant made a documentary about the Amanda Todd case: