• “You have to self-evaluate and correct behaviors that are apparently harmless but are not,” the ‘president’ has requested

    The ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragoneshas appealed to men to contribute to break with “centuries of patriarchy” and stop normalizing attitudes and behaviors “that seem harmless but are not.” “Breaking the inertia of patriarchy, ceasing to exercise, because we are men, positions of domination, also depends on us,” Aragonès stated at the institutional act prior to November 25, the International Day for the Eradication of sexist violence, together with the ‘councillor’ for Equality and Feminisms, Tània Verge.

    “All men, due to the condition of being men, can exercise relationships based on domination. You have to self-evaluate and correct behaviors apparently harmless but they are not. We must avoid exercising any type of violence,” said the president, who recalled that not only physical violence is sexist violence.

    In this sense, Aragonès has referred to “socially accepted” violence as “macho jokes and comments.” “It is a normalization of machismo. It is enough to minimize some behaviors,” added Aragonès, for whom “complicity” with them is “unacceptable.” “Let’s have the courage to put an end to all that, to move towards a society where all people are free,” he said.

    The ‘president’ has also highlighted that although “much remains” to be done, “much progress has also been made” and has highlighted in this sense the path of achievements traveled by the feminist movements. “We will accompany them from the institutions to defeat the patriarchy. We are firmly committed,” he highlighted the Government’s feminist commitment.

    Towards the culture of consent

    For his part, Verge recalled the Government campaign with which this 25-N they want sexual relations “to pass from rape culture to consent culture“.

    The Department of Equality and Feminism plans to increase compensation for sexist violence and to recognize for the first time the right of the mother to be compensated for the murder of her son or daughter in the context of so-called vicarious violence.

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    Likewise, the procedures for receiving compensation will be simplified, up to nearly 40,000 euros, in some cases, and becoming compatible with being able to collect the Guaranteed Citizenship Income at the same time.

    “Political priorities are measured with the resources that are allocated: that is why we are correcting the historical deficit of underfinancing of policies to address violence against women”, highlighted the Minister of Equality and Feminism in a statement. “Although it will never be possible to compensate the violence suffered with money, financial compensation is part of the right to reparation (…) and we are committed to allocate as many resources as necessary and when necessary,” she stressed.