Two new programs are on the TV-3 weekend schedule. The ‘all are problems‘ on Friday, you can save it. It’s not that it’s bad, inconvenient, or unpleasant; is that it is nothing. Res. It seems to me that they have placed it solely so that the Mediapro production company continues billing at its usual rate.

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    From the show’Col lapse‘ on Saturday, presented, hosted and produced by Ricard Ustrell through his company La Manchester (the same company that also produces ‘Planta baixa’ every day), it should be noted that the Salvation table of this debut was Jordi González. The first part, a long choral dissertation on the world “collapse” with so much war, resource scarcity and climate change, aroused more torpor than interest. At least in my neighborhood. The arrival of Jordi González it was a much more gratifying touch. Especially when they showed him images of that program she did in 1997 on TV-3, ‘Les 1,000 i una’, and he called Juani, the owner of the accredited porn sanctuary, the Bagdad room, to send him her ‘show girls’. oh! They cheered up a lot. All that spicy greenery from the end of the last century today in the current TV-3 has disappeared. jordi remembered those years in ‘la seva’ in an elegant way: He said he missed them, that he was very happy. According to my canary flute Papitu, who is informed, that TV-3 had Jordi with rubbish contracts, for two or three weeks, renewable or not, in a very precarious plan. But I’m with Jordi: little hairs to the sea, that in tv stuff any past time was fantastic. She even said that she wanted to return to Sant Joan Despí, to do a program with Marta Torné. oh! For the idea of ​​him to take hold, she will have to make some gesture, yes, in the face of the tribe that manages the programming and the dough of the current shed. Some public declaration of communicant fervor would be a welcome and much appreciated detail. It is a guarantee that does not fail.

    I don’t know why Ustrell did the interview adopting the typical scenography of American late shows, so old, so copied. I’ve seen that he has a cabinet on the set, with armchairs, and decorated with a Styrofoam giraffe. It is a more original place. From this program he celebrated its musical inlays, but the theme needs more nerve and grit. You have to interest the staff, and at the same time stir them up. Cheer up.