The Berlin club scene is confronted with a new problem: According to her own statements, the singer Zoe Zanias was the victim of an attack by a drug-filled syringe four weeks ago in Berghain: “On the dance floor I suddenly got short of breath and collapsed. Then I turned blue and had cramps on the floor. We later found a needle puncture on my arm,” she said at the time on Instagram – and criticized the way the world-renowned club handled the incident.

    “Unwritten rules must be spelled out”

    Now Berghain has one on its website new awareness program published: “Be considerate of each other and respect the personal space of others – previously unwritten rules must be pronounced due to cases of attacks by needle and drink spiking on club visitors,” says the beginning of the concept.

    In the event of physical and psychological impairments and assaults of all kinds, it is advisable to contact the in-house awareness team and seek medical help. Visitors also have the option of subsequently sending the club complaints and suggestions for improvement by e-mail. In addition, those responsible have listed emergency services, medical contact points and victim support in Berlin. Berghain appeals to all guests to celebrate together in solidarity – and to use drugs appropriately and in a considered manner. Perpetrators should be permanently expelled from the house and reported to the authorities.

    1,300 cases of needle spiking in the UK alone

    The case of so-called “needle spiking” in Berlin’s Berghain was not the first – in other European countries the situation is even more dramatic: in France alone, more than 100 cases have been reported since the beginning of the year. According to a report in the daily newspaper “The Guardian”, the police in Great Britain even assume that there will be 1,300 cases within six months.

    The consultant in the Berlin drug emergency service, Andrea Piest, told the “MDR”: “There are three potential motives: The first motive would be sexualised violence. The second would be robbery, i.e. personal enrichment. And the third motive would be some sort of personality positive effect of exercising power over others. That always plays a role in sexualised violence.”